From: Eric May <>
Cc: Eric May <>
Subject: [LIBERTYISNOTFREE] Ghost Troop Captain Eric May to Ghost Troop Captain John McCarthy
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 16:02:09 +0000

And a top of the day to you, too, Captain McCarthy!!!

[If you wanna see what CPTMAC wrote CPTMAY, look below...]

Hey, I think it's time for the company-grade, NCO-grade and simple Patriot-grade (which is most of Ghost Troop nowadays) to take control of the country back, so spread the word that we've busted the Bush Boyz and the Nozi (ZIONist) Media setting up regular folks like us in Texas City, Texas, the same way the same bunch (cultists, all) set up Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and New York City, New York. It's their "trifecta," Brother John...

Sick puppies..., and they need to be stopped before they can load up another piece-of-shit false-flag operation to mass murder more Americans -- or Brits or Spaniards or Iraqis... They'll do whatever they have to do to pull off their scenario, which I think Mike Ruppert examined quite well in his "Crossing the Rubicon," which I read (when I was R & R in the winter/spring 2005) with great interest.

We're engaged in a Constitutional Coup, it's that simple. Each officer, noncom and enlisted took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so we're following through on our commitment. When the dust is all settled, Ghost Troop will be seen as one of the great units of US military history -- the Ghost Troop whose records (our dispatches, recorded, copied and stashed) are already caving in the Bush Boyz / Embeded Media War Cabal. If they were going to shut us down, they should have done so already -- right?

You were the one who told me back in the winter (when you were coming back from Europe), that I should stay off the ridgelines (i.e., keep my head down). Well, John, I took your advice to heart -- both because of our work together and because of the strong endorsement Mike Ruppert made of you in "Crossing the Rubicon." I ducked down, read up on my geostrategy, reread my much-read copy of William Shirer's "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich," and waited for things to get bad enough that I couldn't hide from the need to do another Ghost Troop mission.

Well, that need came again with Ghost Troop 9112B, which has been as well-conducted by the Ghost Troops of today (many of whom you know), and which reminds me strongly of the stuff we explored together back in the old days. My compliments for the lessons you've taught me, John! How do you like our outfit nowadays?

I hope you'll help get the word out to all true patriots in action that the second "event" has been aborted down in Texas City, Texas, and that the War Cabal may be going into Crawford to die -- and good riddance to it!

All it takes is public awareness... The media whores are already deserting the failed cause... It's history in the present tense, Captain McCarthy... It's enlarged consciousness, collective and pure... It is, simply put, cyber combat.

We do it because the times require it, and we're glad to know you're riding herd with us again. You know all of the chief officers and non-coms. Welcome home. CPTMAY

PS: I'll send along the email we exchanged just before I called the Holy Horde back into glorious action with Ghost Troop 9112B ( I think it was widely read in many different circles, so all GT's should be able to take a peek, too. -- Eric wrote:
Greetings, Eric and all GT.

Glad to see you at 'libertyisnotfree.'

First, I have new email addresses: and If you google search the hotmail address you will find hundreds of google pages containing many pages from my new site

The site began in late February. So far this month, six days, I have had over 12,000 page views and 7000 visitors.

The idea of informing those soon to be tossed into the meat grinder of the Iraqi sand box is taking hold. Already, grass roots organizations headed by teachers are springing up all over the country.

I am providing information that students will not find in the mainstream media and not discussed by today's military recruiters.
I am also focusing on providing this information to the parents of those students. And their grand parents.

This whole movement is opening like a five paragraph field order.
Who, what, where, how and why. Keeping things this simple should keep all in focus.

John MacGT

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Captain Spooner, I can see already that appointing you as Ghost Troop Asst. CO was a very good idea. Your words below are clarity itself -- and I urge all Ghost Troops to read them.

This is a military unit, run by brave Constitutionally-mandated military leadership. We are a Constitutional Coup, and we are having tremendous effect on national and world events by functioning in our capacity as a cyber-reconnaissance, cyber-raid group of cyber-cavalry.

Here's a straight-up to anyone who is getting too eager: Your captain admires your zeal, and will call upon you time after time to demonstrate it when times are iffy..., but I brook no challenge to my command of this unit. I am the original Ghost Troop, and the nexus of all the current Ghost Troops, as well as the executor of the honorable memories of the Ghost Troops who have died from the strain or activity of infowar, among whom I count my first First Sergeant, Joseph Coleman (RIP), who fought WWII in the Pacific and died from the stress of GT Operations; Peter W. Guenther, who fought WWII in Europe (in the Wehrmacht) and died after giving the last of his efforts to our cause; Rachel Corrie, who died standing up to "Sharon the Bulldozer" in Palestine.

Ghost Troop will remain on mission to protect the US Constitution, via our activities in 9112B and our continued exposure of BOBCUP and the US Cover-up, generally. If any of this seems too moderated, too timid, too ineffective, then I give the order now for all who can't come our way to depart Ghost Troop. Resignation from this unit, under lawful US military command, peopled by the American People themselves, is the correct choice for anyone who will impede our mission.

CPTMAYSEZ a little bitching in the ranks is fine, and a desire to close with the enemy is admirable..., but questioning the entire nature of Ghost Troop, and the judgement of its CO just days after its miraculous 9112B successes is out of line.

Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

PS: Y'all might wanna Google "Cavalrymen and Cowards" the next time you wonder if Ghost Troops lack the balls for bravery. It has been replicated around the world since I issued it directly to Boy George back when his henchmen were killing my peers in the antiwar movement

John Spooner <> wrote:
From: (John Spooner)
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2005 20:36:37 -0700
Subject: Re: JAH: I thought you guys were soldiers. The world is full of typists

Greetings Gents,
I would like to insert a few thoughts into the conversation about being soldiers- Yes I am as are other GT's. The first loyalty of every military member is to defend and protect the Constitution- not violate as has been don for almost two centuries.

The people we need to convince to join and activate are the Sheriffs in all 50 states and the Marine Corp Judge Advocate in Washington DC. These are the folks who have Constitutional Authority to charge politicians for violating their oath of office and the provisions of the constitution that warrant removal from office. Yes we do need to get the truth to the voters and tax payers, enough of them to run for office and get the federal government out of the UN and get the UN out of the USA.

We desperately need to get our judicial branch and inferior courts back under the jurisdiction of the Constitution Common Law and our from
under Maritime jurisdiction under the color of the Admiralty Flag in the court rooms.

We the people must mandate counties to mandate state governments to demand the Federal officials to comply with provisions of the Constitution which is the Contract between those bodies of governments.

The only way to control the media is to not watch their programs and boycott the sponsors.

We the People have three Constitutional weapons- Bucks, Boycotts and Ballots. We also have Grand Juries because we are them. We are also jurors and we better start challenging "judges" when they fail to instruct jurors that they have the obligation and the rig! ht to ju dge the law.

While it is our right and obligation as soldiers to defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, we still have
to ne directed to shoot and bomb foreign enemies. Dealing with domestic enemies must be dealt with in a less barbaric and constitutional manner.

It would be nice if we could organize a 100 million voter march to the polls by November from all of the 30 political parities. That the 100
million would not vote for dual citizens, members of the Tri-lateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and flunkies for the International Bilderberg cabal.

It could be done less violently than an all out revolution against the World Bankers money, the Commie UN troops from Russia, China and their
allies who would be invited in by the UN to maintain domestic tranquility while their American Troops are being decimated in the middle east protecting American Corporations, petroleum interests and protecting Israel from the wrath the Zionists have generated since 1948 when they were planted in Palestine.

Now gents these are thoughts generated from my research trying to find out the authority for the Admiralty Flag, instead of Old Glory, the Flag of Peace that represents the Constitution in Law and Equity. Other wise our courts are government tribunals and our unalienable Rights have been statutorized and reduced to the grade of license.

Let us not focus on other than our current mission of 911-2B. We are at a critical time and need all our attention focused on any clue as to
who, where and when. It looks like we are past Hiroshima day- Three more days until Nagasaki Day and then we have the numerology days.

There are 120 cities in consideration for a nuke or Neutron device- we are coming up on the holiday season, world series, football.

Let's be vigilant ----not vigilantes.

Cap'n John